Congressman Brett Guthrie talks COVID-19 vaccine update

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Congressman Brett Guthrie visited Bowling Green Tuesday and spoke on the current update on the COVID-19 vaccine update.

Guthrie told the media he believes the vaccine will be completed within weeks, if not days.

According to the Congressman, there are four vaccines in the final phase of completion.

Guthrie claiming it will take 300-million doses to get the United States vaccinated and we likely will start with 25-million to 50 million doses.

When those first doses release, they will likely go to vaccinate frontline workers, health care workers, workers and people in nursing homes and those who have pre-existing conditions according to Guthrie.

He also believes it will take several months for herd immunity to take effect because of vaccine production and distribution.

According to Guthrie, we will likely be back to normal around springtime.