Congress Starts a New Year with a Large To-Do List

Congress gets back to work today with two new Democrats and no budget.

The Senate swears in two new Democrats today: Doug Jones of Alabama and Tina Smith of Minnesota.

In addition, President Trump’s budget and legislative directors head to Capitol Hill today. They’re meeting with Congressional leaders about spending limits. The latest budget / shutdown deadline is January 19th.

Congress also needs to take quick action on the Children’s Health Insurance Program, disaster relief, and stabilizing Obamacare marketplaces.

The White House says there will be no talk today about something that Democrats want: DACA, or protecting young immigrants brought here illegally. 

Utah’s Orrin Hatch just announced he’s retiring this year. The White House says President Trump is watching that, and North Korea as well. 

He tweeted that America’s nuclear button is bigger and more powerful – and it works.

On Wednesday morning, South Korea announced that North Korea is re-opening a line of communication; a hopeful sign that tensions between the two could see some relief.