Community Cat Program in Warren County

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society is ramping up activity again with it being cat mating season.

Emily Cothran, manager of the program said in her interview with News 40 that it’s a long term solution to a community issue that can easily get out of control. They use the acronym TNR to remedy the issue of a large roaming cat population, aiming to trap, neuter and return cats to their outdoor residence.

Cothran said she estimates there to be about 14,000 cats out and about in Warren County, saying community cats come in all kinds of temperaments. “They can range from pets to unowned, friendly or feral… and we’re interested in hoping those people who look out for them as well, but a community cat is just a cat that primarily lives outside.”

Cothran said they go out in they evenings to where cats are known to be and lay out pressure plated traps, safely containing the animal. Once trapped, they take them to the clinic and perform a spaying or neutering surgery along with vaccinating the cat and letting back out into the wild upon healing up.

The program was created back in the spring of 2020 to help control the large number of cats around the area in a humane way, and so far the society has gone through around 1,000 cats.

They’re also looking to expand the program and bring on a couple extra hands so if you’re interested in working with animals, Cothran said she’d be happy to have you. You can find more information