Community Action helps people grow food

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Community Action of Southern Kentucky is helping low income people save money by growing their own food.

The way it works is regional residents receive a $20 voucher, which they can use to buy seeds and other materials needed to start a garden.

With the voucher, some people have managed to grow enough food to skip buying fresh produce at the store, and others have been able to sell their food to make additional income.

The program has become so much more than just growing food.

“We have people that come together. So, they’ll pull their $20 and they’ll grow a bigger garden. They’ll grow different types of things. Some take it and they sell what they have excess, so they generate a little income. Some people just put away for the winter,” said Leslie Talley, chief operation officer at Community Action of Southern Kentucky.

You must be considered low income in order to participate in the program.