Commissioners officially adopt new Bowling Green flag ordinance

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The Bowling Green City Commission voted unanimously Tuesday afternoon to officially adopt a new flag ordinance.

The rule prohibits the mayor of Bowling Green from ordering the removal of American flag from any city-owned property without getting input from the rest of the commission first.

The move comes in response to Mayor Bruce Wilkerson’s decision last month to remove the American flag from city properties after saying, “outside groups would be coming through the area.”

The move sparked backlash from many area residents, resulting in protests outside the Bowling Green Police Department and Bowling Green City Hall.

Wilkerson has still not publicly stated what led to his decision. When pressed for answers by Commissioner Brian “Slim” Nash, Wilkerson responded to a number of his questions in the form of an email, writing, “The information has not been authorized for release.”