Colorado introduces “Rolling Urgent Care”

(KUSA) Paramedics with Colorado’s West Metro Fire Rescue rolled out a new tool this summer.

It’s called the Advanced Resource Medic or ARM car for short. The vehicle looks like an ambulance, but it works more like an urgent care center on wheels.

“Exactly, yes. An urgent care on wheels,” explained Kimel Brent, an Advanced Practice Paramedic with West Metro.

Last year, West Metro started a new program designed to treat more patients at home, rather than transport them to the hospital. This summer, the customized ARM car officially hit the streets.

“We created the program with two missions in mind,” Brent said. “One, that we could provide more appropriate and efficient on-scene care to our patients, usually of a lower acuity. And also to provide a resource where we can help patients navigate other resources they might need in addition to their medical complaints.”

The program works through a public-private partnership. Brent teams up with nurse practitioners and physician assistants through Dispatch Health, a company that provides mobile urgent care.

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