COLD CASE: Family of William Scott Crain searches for answers 26 years after disappearance

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – This week, 26 years ago, a man in Bowling Green disappeared and his case has since gone cold.

A missing person, presumed dead, and no body has turned up more than two decades later.

When William Scott Crain, a 22-year-old from Bowling Green, disappeared, he had an eight-month old daughter. She is now 26 and pregnant with her first child.

“Me not being able to tell her where her grandfather is or what happened to him, so even now that I am pregnant, I want these answers even more for her …,” said Destiny Crain.

Crain’s family believes that he went missing or was killed around the Barren River in Bowling Green.

Crain disappeared on Thanksgiving night back in 1994 near Louisville Road.

Police and family members are treating the missing person’s case as a homicide, but a body was never found.

Melinda Arnold, Destiny’s mother, wants to be able to bury Crain properly.

“Destiny doesn’t have anything.  I want for her to have a place to go and morn her father. She’s never

had, she’s never been able to do that,” said Arnold.

While police suspect the men Crain was with that night to be involved, there has not been enough evidence to make any arrest.

Destiny has a message for anyone who knows anything about the case.

“You can’t live with that forever. That has to be, like, tearing you up inside. So just help our family get the answers and the closure that we need,” she said.

Bowling Green Police Officer Ronnie Ward wants the family to know that detectives haven’t stopped working the case.

“We haven’t forgotten about it. We want the families to know we haven’t forgotten about them, and that is true with all of the cases that we have,” said Ward.

If you have any information about the incident, you are urged to call the Bowling Green Police Department.