Closing down the pool? Do it right!

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – As summer comes to a close, pools in backyards are being drained, but the city wants you to do it right.

The City of Bowling Green posted to Facebook this week that pool owners should wait at least 10 days for the chlorine to dilute or add a “de-chlorinator” before releasing the water to the outside world. News 40 spoke Mike Gardner, who manages the waste water division at Bowling Green Municipal Utilities about what the city hopes to achieve with this.

Gardner said when it comes to discharging water with an imbalance of chemicals, depending where you are it can be bad for the environment. Gardner said we live in a very connected area as far as under the surface goes and we need to be mindful of what goes down the drain.

Gardner told the station in his phone interview that chemicals could possibly impact flora and fauna downstream in a negative way if things are handled improperly whether it’s an in-ground swimming pool or fertilizing your lawn.