Climate strikers march from WKU to downtown

By Ryan Goodlett/WNKY

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Dozens went on strike to advocate for the environment and job creation.

Climate strikers of all ages marched from Cherry Hall to the Warren County Justice Center, where multiple speakers, who are part of the Sunrise Movement, urged support for the Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal is a legislative program that would provide support for regenerative agriculture, the creation of good paying jobs to replace work in the fossil fuel industry and help students pay off student loan debt.

Members of the Sunrise Movement environmental activist group also showed their support for Representative Charles Booker, a potential candidate for Mitch McConnell’s Senate seat.

Booker attended the rally and spoke of his support for the Green New Deal, saying that it is a change that needed to made yesterday.

“We will not be silent, we will not sit down, we will not stop until change comes because our lives are at stake,” Booker said in his speech.

He said that Kentuckians are dying because “their environment is crumbling around them.”

“Our lives matter too much to sit down and wait while people like Mitch McConnell take money from these fossil fuel industries and turn their backs while we die,” Booker said.

Others spoke out in favor of electing a new president who “actually cares about saving the planet.”

Farmer and Sunrise Movement activist Max Farrar said he wants to create a better future for his children.

“For me, there is no option. I have two children, and I refuse to lay down and live in a future that scientists are predicting for us,” Farrar said, “and that future as predicted, we are on track to exceed the two-degree warming that the Paris Climate Accord set out as our absolute limit.”

Farrar said this means the human species may be wiped out by the year 2118.

WKU student Kaitlyn Conner said she got involved with the Sunrise Movement because she believes as a group, they can create change.

“It’s kind of sad when you think about how many insects and how many trees and how many other animals haven’t even been discovered but are completely wiped out now because of deforestation or fires,” Conner said.

Members of the Sunrise Movement say they plan to continue fighting for environmental changes.