City schools summer feeding program begins

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- School is not only a place to learn, but also a place to get much needed nutrients during the day. Students need that meal during the day, even when school is on summer break.

This is where the summer feeding program comes in, which provides a free breakfast and/or lunch to students at Dishman-McGinnis, Parker-Bennet- Curry, Bowling Green Junior High and the Bowling Green Learning Center.

Manager for the summer feeding program at Dishman-McGinnis Latoria Lunsford said it’s a wonderful feeling to provide the kids with the food they need during the summer.

“It’s a very rewarding experience, and it makes me feel great, being able to do this every day for them,” Lunsford said.

The summer feeding program through the Bowling Green City Schools is offered at four different locations, but it doesn’t stop there. Summer feeding travels to the kids, bringing the nutrients straight to their neighborhoods.

“I’m glad to see them happy to sit out and gather together and eat, drink their milk, eat their little snacks and stuff. it makes me happy to see that,” said foster grandmother of Community Action of Southern Kentucky Cynthia Reed.

Director of the summer feeding program Shelly Jones said seeing the excited faces of the kids makes it more worthwhile.

“They run to the van every time we pull up. They know that they’re getting ready to get treats and a good lunch and snacks. Sometimes we have slushies for them, and they really love those. To see them smile makes me smile,” Jones said.

While the kids feel great getting their stomachs filled, those in the summer feeding program feel great getting their hearts filled.

“I just feel blessed. Overwhelmingly blessed. They eat every crumb. They don’t leave any. They’re full, they’re glad to see us, and they’re glad to get a lunch,” Jones said.