City prepares for 2020 Census

The city of Bowling Green is itching to take a headcount.

With the 2020 Census inching closer, city officials want to make sure every person living here is counted in the Census.

City Commissioner Sue Parrigin is leading Bowing Green’s efforts in the 2020 Census as chairwoman of the Bowling Green Warren County Complete Count Committee comprised of community leaders from a variety of backgrounds.

The goal of the committee is to get the word out to everyone in the city and county including populations of people who are often hard to reach, such as the homeless, people who are not native English speakers and college students.

The numbers matter because every person counted results in federal funding for the city and county.

“If you miss a family of five, that’s $5,000 per year for the 10-year census period. That’s $50,000 that Bowling Green and Warren County would not have to do things like help build infrastructure.”

The Census count will begin in the spring of 2020 and for the first time will be available online and on the phone in 12 non-English languages.

The traditional paper questionnaire is still available.