City of Bowling Green to install signs to discourage panhandling

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- You may notice some new road signs around Bowling Green in the upcoming days, but these signs aren’t for the purpose of alerting drivers about a detour or a specific location. Instead, they’re meant to discourage drivers from giving money to panhandlers.

The sign reads: Change the way you give. Panhandling is not safe.

According to Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson, the signs will be placed at seven locations around the city where panhandlers are usually seen.

Some of the locations are along the US-31 West Bypass and close to I-65.

While the city is unable to outlaw panhandling, there is an ordinance in place that prohibits transactions from happening in the roadway.

“We hope it reduces the non-traditional panhandling or those who don’t really need help,” said Wilkerson. “We want to discourage them from participating in that activity, and we hope it helps people think of what is the best way I can give to help the homeless or needy people. There are so many organizations in our community that can do that.”

If you’d like to help the homeless, the mayor suggests making donations to organizations like Hotel Inc., Hope House and the Salvation Army.