City of Bowling Green installs cameras to help improve traffic flow

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The city of Bowling Green continues to expand.

An increase in both business and population has also led to a rise in greater traffic, something everyone can relate to.

With that in mind, the city’s Public Works Department decided to take action.

Earlier this spring, the city added traffic cameras to 11 of the 24 city-owned and operated intersections in town.

“They’re minimalistic,” said Greg Meredith, Bowling Green Public Works Director. “The picture quality is not like anything you’d see on TV or whatever. They’re just for the purpose of making sure traffic is flowing.”

As mentioned, the small traffic cameras have been set up at the following 11 intersections, primarily because they often experience a higher volume of traffic.

  • Gary Farms @ Westpark Drive
  • Cave Mill @ Mall/Kmart
  • Cave Mill @ Chandler Drive
  • Cave Mill @ Crossings Blvd.
  • Cave Mill @ Smallhouse Road
  • Smallhouse @ Highland Ave.
  • Main @ College St.
  • Main @ Chestnut
  • Main @ Center
  • 12th @ Chestnut
  • 12th @ State

Each camera provides operators with a four-directional view the intersection, making it easier for light operators to adjust light cycles.

“At least we can get some sort of semblance of utility out of making sure that we’re getting as many people through an intersection as we can for the cycles,” Meredith said. “Make sure that we’re allocating time to the right side at the right time.”

The new cameras have proven to be especially useful during peak traffic hours of the day, often when people are going to work or school, and returning home in the evening.

“We want to make sure we get people to and from as quickly as possible,” added Meredith.

Operators of these intersections now have the ability to change light sequences in real time, either on location or remotely, or set timers given the pattern of traffic flow they’ve observed after watching the traffic cameras.

“If changes are needed we can go in and make those changes in the signal timing in the controller of the signal,” said Meredith.

These cameras will only be used for monitoring traffic, though, and not any traffic infractions.

“These are not red light, these are not enforcement cameras at all,” said Meredith. “They’re strictly for information.

So far, the information they’ve received through these cameras has proven to be quite beneficial.