Churches team up to host food drives for Warren County Public Schools

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Churches held an extremely successful food drive to feed local students after a week of donations flooded into a local food bank.

Multiple churches around the area were involved in a food drive to help restock shelves at the Warren County Public School’s Synergy Center.

Thursday, Living Hope Baptist Church held a drive thru donation drop off.

“I know these children are helpless at times because their parents are not able to provide food for whatever reason and so the schools have picked up the slack and now we can work through the schools who already have the relationships and the contacts and the distribution means to get this food into the homes,” Living Hope Baptist Church Local Impact Pastor Benny Stofer said.

Volunteers said the donation amount was exceptionally higher than they had originally expected.

“They are just very thankful to be able to have something that is planned that will give them an avenue to give. I think our community and I’m thankful for that. I’ve seen that in many ways,” said Stofer.

Another local pastor helped raise food this week as well.

Pastor Tim Harris of Woodburn Baptist Church said his church was able to donate a full van and trailer full of goods.

“Actually, from the very beginning I felt like people really wanted to help, they wanted to feel like they could make a difference but there just seems to be so little that we can do. At the same time we all recognize that the Warren County Schools are doing a fantastic job of taking care of kids and families and so the idea that there was anyway whatsoever that we could get behind them and help them was pretty exciting,” Harris said.

The drive thru drop off may be over, but donations are still being accepted.

To donate click here.