Children’s Eye Health Awareness Month

BOWLING GREEN, KY.- As your child heads back into the classroom, it’s important to make sure that they can see properly, so you can be confident that they’re learning at the right pace.

Routine visits to the doctor and physicals are common this time of year, and eye exams also need to be on the list.
August is Children’s Eye Health Awareness Month, and there are a few signs you need to look  for to make sure your child is in good health as the new school year begins. Are they squinting when they look at things far away? Do they turn books or other things sideways, or hold it unusually close in order to see?
If so, these are indicators that your child may not have the best vision
Dr. Russell Heltsley, an Optometrist at Med Center Health, says,”Poor vision could definitely get someone behind in school. If you can’t see to read, you’re maybe going to avoid reading, so being able to see at your top level is going to help you perform better at school.”
It is also a good idea to stay in contact with your child’s teacher, to see if they notice any indicators of vision problems. Officials say that annual eye exams are vital for children’s eye health and vision to identify any problems or changes.
Dr. Heltsley also added that, “If you don’t have a routine eye exam, you could definitely have some problems that you didn’t know about. Maybe you see good with one eye, but not the other, and if that other eye was caught, when you were younger, then you would have a much better chance of getting the best vision the rest of your life. So, just because you think you’re seeing okay, doesn’t mean you’re actually seeing okay.”
Transitioning into the school year can be tough for any child, but having vision impairments can slow down the learning process even more. You can make this transition easier for your child this year, by insuring they have healthy eyes and don’t fall behind.