Check to see if your child’s car seat is installed correctly

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A push to keep children safe is underway as Kentucky State Police and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet remind the public of child passenger safety week.

The leading cause of death for children ages one to 13 is car accidents.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show over 90% of child safety seats in the United States are installed incorrectly.

Not only is having the correct car seat a safety precaution, but it is also the law.

When used correctly, child safety seats cut infant and child fatalities down significantly and reduce the number of hospitalizations from collisions by more than half according to the Transportation Cabinet.

Trooper Daniel Priddy with KSP encourages everyone with children to double check your car seat and see if it is installed properly.

“It’s very important that you make sure that you protect them as much as possible in case you are involved in a collision because, you know, small children in a vehicle unrestrained could be very hazardous. And, actually, in 2019, almost 40% of children that were injured or killed in a car wreck weren’t restrained or weren’t restrained properly,” said Priddy.

Kentucky State Police offer a program for caregivers to set up an appointment and get car seat installations checked and approved by a trooper to ensure your child is safe riding in your vehicle.

To find out if your child’s car seat is installed correctly, set up an appointment with KSP or check instruction of both your vehicle and the car seat and be sure all steps are followed.

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