CDC predicts sharp decline in Covid cases by July

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have shared an encouraging prediction. One that will come just in time for summer.

The prediction is that a sharp decline in U.S. Covid cases will occur in July. According to the CDC, this prediction comes as vaccination remains high, as well as lower rates of hospitalizations and deaths.

In addition, Governor Andy Beshear is hoping to eliminate all Kentucky capacity restrictions by then, which he’s expecting to do if this prediction does come true.

Health experts say in order for this prediction to become a reality, everyone must keep their eyes on the big picture, and continue to get vaccinations and take the c-d-c and state safety guidelines seriously.

“Even though we’ve seen deaths from Covid in Kentucky, we’ve not seen anything like other states. I think it’s because we have been cautious, those things have been very important. Now, if we can just continue the activities around getting vaccinated, I really do think that this is going to happen,” Med Center at Bowling Green Vice president corporate support services Melinda Joyce said.

On Friday, Governor Andy Beshear announced 1,851,835 people have received at least their first dose of a covid-19 vaccine in Kentucky.