Cave City toy drive at the Gazebo

CAVE CITY, Ky. – At The Roxglass Bar in Cave City, they do a lot for the community.

Inside there’s a food pantry, co-owner Matt Strasel tells News 40 in an interview. He also told us this past Thanksgiving, they along with the Cave City Police Department and other community sponsors, fed over 800 people for the holiday which is an impressive feat with the bar having only been open for four months.

On Tuesday, December 20, Roxglass partnered with Cave City PD again to provide toys to kids who might not have a very merry Christmas without them. With hundreds of toys being donated, they were able to provide 2 toys each to around 200 children. Strasel and officer Garth Avery with Cave City PD said that all the toys came from community donations. It had all started with an event that Rox Glass had, asking everyone to bring in a $20 unwrapped toy to see the rock bands they were hosting at the bar. Eventually, more people got involved like the bar’s regulars and the bands themselves.

Local residents of Cave City said that the bar had been doing a great job of bringing the community together. Business owner Sammy Freeman said to News 40 that she loved that they were doing so much for the town especially with the time of year.

Leticia Sherfey said that due to some family issues earlier this year, she would have trouble providing toys for her children this year and decided to come out as well. “This teaches our kids that they can help out as well, it’s a learning experience. You know maybe you’re down on your luck right now but when you’re up on your luck, you can get involved in something like this too.”