Cave City Police Department gives out money to drivers

CAVE CITY, Ky. – Heading into Christmas, the police are on the hunt for regular civilians. With almost $2,000 given away, Cave City Police Department surely helped out someone this week.

On Dec., 22, News 40 paid a trip to Cave City and brought to the screen flashes of countryside and good will. Every year, the department gives out money to unsuspecting people around Christmas time. The goal is simply bring a little joy to the community and hopefully those a little less fortunate.

This year might have hit harder with the economy taking a downturn. As News 40 took a ride along with Joshua Neal and Stephanie Keltner, among some of the reactions were just the kind of Hallmark-esque story points you could hope for on the holiday season.

One woman we had stopped was given one $100 then later messaged the department’s Facebook page to tell them it was a big help. She said her and her husband were just talking about how it’s been hard financially, and this was actually their last family vacation until the daughter had to get her third heart surgery.

Another woman we pulled over received $50 but gave it to her passenger, prompting Keltner to grab another envelope for the driver to commend her on being so selfless. The driver was almost in tears thanks to a show of holiday spirit by Neal and Keltner.

With the money all given out, it was time to make our leave. But before we hit the road, both Neal and Keltner said that they wouldn’t be able to do what they do without the money put up from Alvey’s Towing and Crossroads Towing in the area.