Cave City awarded economic grant

CAVE CITY Ky.- A $25,000 contribution spells good news for Cave City.

On Monday, the Tennessee Valley Authority gave Barren County a large check, which was then passed to Cave City for economic development. The goal is to fund an industrial park, which cave city Mayor Dwayne Hatcher is looking forward to.

“Anything that we can use to improve and entice businesses, industry to come to our area is a plus for all of us. Creating jobs, and overall economic growth. With that in mind, that’s very very helpful,” Hatcher said.

The industrial park will be located right next to the Cave City Convention Center, filling a space that’s been in the works for a few years now.

“We’ve been able to do quite a bit already and we want to continue to provide that to recruitment of industry and businesses,” Hatcher said.

With the park being built next to the convention center, the venue’s Executive Director Gregory Davis is also excited to have it.

“From the standpoint that they may be using the convention center for any meetings or staff meetings, or any conference meetings they may have, of course, any industry would bring attention to cave city,” Davis said.

While what the industrial park will feature is not yet known, Davis explained what he would personally like to see.

“It would be great if it were an industry that were positive towards tourism. You know what the bourbon industry has done in the state of Kentucky. If we could get on the bourbon trail, that would certainly be a real plus,” Davis said.

The industrial park will be built on 40 acres. It’s unclear when groundbreaking will take place.