Caught On Camera: Floyd Memorial Vandalized

Security footage shows man spray-painting over portion of iconic George Floyd memorial mural before being chased away by a witness. KARE's Deevon Rahming reports.

(KARE/NBC News) — Security footage shows a man spray-painting over a George Floyd memorial mural near the site of Floyd’s death…and a bystander chasing down the vandal who did the damage.

The video was released by Cup Foods.

It shows the man painting over the iconic Minneapolis mural just after 10 p.m. last Tuesday night.

Billy Briggs, who lives nearby, witnessed the whole thing play out.

“Its devastating, it hurts,” said Briggs. “I noticed a white boy in a hoodie with grey khaki shorts standing in front of cup foods with his hoodie up and I felt he looked suspicious.”

As it turns out his suspicions were right.

“I look over and he’s spray painting the mural and my adrenaline kicked in and I just started running after him, and as I was running I noticed him throw the spray paint can into a neighbor’s yard so I made note of that,” said Briggs.

After chasing the man off a few blocks down the road, members of the neighborhood security team say they were able to catch up with a man matching the description Briggs mentioned near Powderhorn Park where neighbors started questioning him, but the suspect never owned up to the dirty deed.

“He said he was there and he was afraid he was going to get robbed or shot and that’s why he ran, he was barefoot,” said Marcia Howard, a member of the security team for the memorial site.

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