Catfish festival lures visitors to Butler County

MORGANTOWN, Ky.- Butler County will see a lot of visitors this week, and it’s because of the annual Green River Catfish Festival.

This marks the 39th year for the festival.

Every year at the start of the festival, a fishing tournament is held. The tournament features a number of prizes. That tournament started Saturday, and went on through Monday.

The festival will officially kick off at 7 a.m. July 4, with  fireworks being set off that night. The event will also feature rides, food, live music and more.

The chairwoman of the festival, Robin Johnson, said the event does a great job pulling in visitors from all over.

“Anytime we can bring more people into Morgantown and Butler County, that’s what we’re all about,” Johnson said.

On Wednesday, a special friends day will be held, where those with special needs can enjoy the experience of the Catfish Festival before it officially starts.