Cat needing amputation at Warren County Humane Society

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. –  A cat came into the humane society on January 16 in dire need on medical attention.

A 4 month old kitten named Lake fell prey to an infection in his leg which ultimately killed his back right leg. News 40 swung by to see the kitten and talk to adoption manger Brandon Taylor, who told us he thinks at this point, he can’t feel it. Which could be assumed by how well and with little difficulty Lake moved around.

Taylor said in his interview “The leg is basically dead and will need to be amputated. We know that vet trips are expensive, amputations are easily a thousand dollars so we’re raising money for him so any money raised above the threshold will go into our fund for other medical expenses like de-worming and such.”

Lake was set to see the vet a couple of hours after News 40 got on the scene but an amputation will be in his near future, typically within 48 hours. Taylor assured the station that Lake will be just fine and he’ll be up for adoption soon.

Taylor also mentioned that full clinic work isn’t their forte but they do have a “look at” service to assess animals ahead of serious issues if you’d like for 15 dollars. Exams are Monday, Tusday, Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to noon.