Cashing In: 20 Years Of Change

Wisconsin man does his part to fight the national coin shortage by cashing in change he's been saving for 20 years. WTMJ's Steve Chamraz reports.

WAUWATOSA, Wisc. (NBC News) A Wauwatosa, Wisconsin man is doing what he can to help with the nationwide coin shortage, by bringing in two decades worth of change he’s saved up.

Jim Holton has collected extra change for over 20 years, starting when his son was given a piggy bank as a baby. Holton says he added roughly 60 cents in change from his coffee every day.

Holton said he was planning on turning the coins in after his four children graduated college, but after hearing about the shortage, he decided to help.

In total, Holton brought in three five-gallon bucks and a variety of jars and containers filled with coins. In total, Holton collected $5,366.05.

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