“Career 270 initiative” gives Bowling Green college grads an edge

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-College grads in Bowling Green are receiving career help in the form of a grant.

The South Central Workforce Development Board has received funding for a program called the Career 270 Initiative.

It’s being funded by an $85,000 grant coming from the Kentucky Cabinet for Education and Workforce Development.

The program seeks to hire a professional that assists recent graduates of Western Kentucky University and Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College in finding employment and careers locally.

President and CEO of the South Central Workforce Development Board, Dr. Robert Boone, says this is a great way to recognize local skills and talent.

“There’s a fair amount of talent that goes on to other cities after graduating. It’s very important to us at the South Central workforce development board to provide avenues for those recent graduates to stay if they so choose,” Boone said.

The professional assisting in career and job searches will be employed with the South Central Workforce Development Board.