Canning and gardening: pride and self-sufficiency

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A growing trend we’re told, that can help you save on money, food and make memories.

News 40 spoke to Annhall Norris, a Food Preservation Specialist with UK Health about the art of canning  and gardening today, a returning fad it seems in a post-COVID world. Norris said that you can preserve different kinds of meat as well as fruit and vegetables as long as you’re following the right recipe, step by step and use the appropriate kind of canner.

When asked about benefits that canning might sown from your labor, Norris told News 40 that it can be healthier. The specialist said with growing your own food, you can control what goes into it.

The station also spoke to Kristi Shive, with the Warren Co-op Extension Office. Shive said as well as diseases it can mitigate and the peak nutrition it can hold, it can be a great mental health benefit as well.

Shive said it’s something that people make a hobby out of, and pass down through their families. She added to her interview that as well as physical health benefits, it can help with your mental well being too.