Campus police teach personal safety

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Campus police attended an annual safety event held at Western Kentucky University.

The goal of Stay Safe WKU is to inform the students of different resources on campus and to teach students how to be smart with personal safety.

WKU used the event to let students know about their counseling services as well as information technology safety practices for students.

The event also consisted of multiple signs that laid out a list to self-care, signs of suicide, how to not be a bystander and signs of a healthy relationship.

“It’s definitely important for college students, you’re new to the whole college life it’s really important that they have this, especially in the middle of campus so it’s available to everyone,” said Sheyna Roscoe, a WKU student.

WKU Police Officer Tim Gray also used the event to teach students self-defense.

“I serve as our self-defense instructor so throughout the day as students are going around the tables they get to stop by our tent and they get to go hands on with me,” Gray said.

Students were able to learn hands on self-defense techniques.

One technique taught was taking the path of least resistance, where instead of trying to pull away from someone who has grabbed your arm, you try to break their grip by twisting your arm instead.

Students were asked what situations they were afraid of and Gray showed them what they could do to protect themselves in the event danger strikes.

“It’s kind of unexpected and in the situation you’re kind of shocked at first but you got to know what you are doing in the case of someone trying to attack you,” said Roscoe.

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