Campfire safety tips for Memorial Day weekend

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – With Memorial Day weekend on our heels, the Barren River District Health Department has some tips to offer for those who are looking to enjoy the great outdoors, weather its off in the woods or in your backyard.

Janarae Conway, the Branch Manager for Disaster Prevention and Response at Warren County Health Department, said she had a few pointers on outside fires when asked about this topic.

Conway said if you’re going to have a fire outside, you need to make sure it has about 10 feet cleared around it just in case an accident happens. She also said it’s important to have your fire built downwind from any kind of structure as well, in addition to checking on the general conditions of the weather and geographic area you’re in.

She also said in many parks, you’ll want to check with the office to see about starting a far as you might need a permit.