California Wildfires Turn Deadly

At least two lives have been lost due to the dozens of massive wildfires now burning across the state. NBC's Jennifer Bjorklund reports.

(NBC News) — Thousands are under evacuation orders, and more are imminent as wildfires burn across California.

Nearly 11,000 lightning strikes over three days started 367 known fires…so many that fire officials have them grouped them into what they call “complex” fires for the sake of keeping track.

Residents who have been taking refuge in their homes during the coronavirus pandemic are now being forced to leave them behind. Many won’t have anything to return to.

So far at least two lives have been lives lost: A utility lineman working with fire crews and a firefighter pilot whose helicopter crashed.

Forecasters say there will be no relief from the intense heat and gusty winds fueling the fires for at least the next two days.

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