California Wildfires Continue to Ravage State

The past 24 hours saw two more major wildfires break out in southern California, bringing the total number to 6. Extreme weather conditions blew through the area, making the firefight very dangerous for crews.

There is some good news – California is now back to a red flag warning versus the unprecedented purple warning level entered for the first time on Thursday. Nevertheless, wind gusts are at 30 to 40 miles per hour, and officials warned residents will be in dangerous territory for weeks.

The devastating wildfires that had been largely confined to the Los Angeles area exploded into San Diego County Thursday.

Within a few hours, the lilac fire had eaten through entire neighborhoods, burning 32 structures as it sped towards the ocean.

In what’s become a familiar sight, anxious residents were to leave immediately.

Just north of San Diego County, yet another fire erupted in Murrieta, sending more families packing and scorching more tinder-dry brush.  There are now 6 major fires burning throughout southern California, with the largest still being the Thomas fire in Ventura County. Late Thursday, officials said nearly 500 homes and buildings have been destroyed or damaged there, which is more than triple the number from the day before.

As the firefight continues into the weekend, some 23,000 homes remain in the fire’s path. 5 people were hurt in that San Diego County fire, including 2 firefighters.