Butterfly exhibit opening at Lost River Cave after being closed last year for COVID

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Lost River Cave is preparing to release their 2021 butterflies Saturday inside of their butterfly habitat.

Butterflies lie dormant when they get cold.

So, the butterflies are packaged individually and shipped to the nature sanctuary in coolers.

The bugs are then kept cold until ready to release within a day or so.

When it’s time to release the butterflies, usually kids will come out and let the cold butterfly sit in there hand for a minute.

As the creature begins to warm up, it will wake up and begin to fly.

The butterfly habitat did not open during 2020 due to COVID so opening this year is a little extra special, according to Lost River Cave’s Kate Holmes.

“When we are at the donor and member releases, you see children holding these butterflies with absolute wonder and then they start to wake up and they are just in awe. So I think just them connecting and seeing that things in nature are so cool and wonderful you can kind of see that spark of just like wow, wonderment,” said Holmes.

The butterfly exhibit costs Lost River Cave thousands of dollars each year and is offered to the community for free.

So, if you’d like to donate or find out more about the sanctuary, click here.