Butler County cats suffer hunting injuries

BUTLER COUNTY, Ky. – Two cats in Butler County suffered what seem to be hunting injuries recently.

A cat shot clean through with an arrow and a cat who stepped into a fur trap were both brought in to the Butler County Animal Shelter over the past couple of weeks.

Both cats had to have surgery as a result of their injuries, and one cat had to have its leg amputated. If you’re a hunter out there, it’s worth mentioning that there’s more than just deer and raccoons skulking the woods.

Residents of Butler County brought the cats in to the shelter after finding them, and shelter staff sought medical attention in Ohio County at Bluegrass Veterinary Services and Butler County’s Heritage Animal Hospital.

Both cats are up for adoption after surgery, so if you are interested in adopting, you can contact the Butler County Animal Shelter on their Facebook page or call at 270-526-2694.

The shelter also relies heavily on donations to pay for many of their services, so if you would like to donate, you can do so there as well.