Butler County Animal Shelter in need of renovations

MORGANTOWN Ky.- The Butler County Animal Shelter is currently working on a project to renovate its current facility on Boat Factory road, to make it more comfortable, clean, and spacious for its four-legged residents.

While the exact changes to be made are not yet known, shelter director Ruby Fooks says the plan is to create a more ideal environment.

“Nothing is set in stone, but we have a lot in store for the animals in our area to just stay in while they’re waiting to be adopted,” Fooks said.

A recent meeting in Bowling Green gave 12 different animal shelters representatives the chance to meet. This is where Tracy Moser, Education center coordinator of the Bowling Green Humane Society met Fooks and decided to help. The current issues involve water damage to the ceilings, which has caused them to cave. In addition, the cats currently don’t have ideal cages, and the layout isn’t suitable for visitors due to cramped space.

“We’re going to have to fix all of the dog kennels.  In that section of the shelter, the ceiling is even caving in from all the water damage. Ruby would like to have more room for the cats, and I agree. They definitely need better cat cages that are meant for a shelter,” Moser said.

Even with a clear goal in mind, the process will be a long one, but well worth the wait.

“When it’s said and done, there’s going to be a happy dance. Anytime we have any type of accomplishment in Kentucky with animal welfare, everybody that has anything to do with animal welfare is going to do a happy dance,” Moser said with a big smile.

This pet loving family is keeping the goal of helping these furry friends find a family of their own.

“I consider all the shelter people whether I’ve met them or not, family. They’re either my shelter sisters or my shelter brothers. Family takes care of family,” Moser said.

Butler County judge executive Tim Flener is also involved in this renovation effort.