Buddies at the Buddy House paint a mural

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Buddy House, which serves Down Syndrome of Southcentral Kentucky is getting a new mural painted by its very own buddies.

With last minute funding approval, the Buddy House in Bowling Green is getting a little more colorful.

On the side of the building, a local artist, Andee Rudloff, painted a black and white outline recently, and Friday, some of the buddies were able to come fill in the artwork with colors.

Buddies came out in 20-minute increments and painted on the mural outside.

Each painter wore gloves to avoid spreading germs as much as possible.

Stephanie Morton, the executive director of the non-profit, hopes the experience will give the buddies something to do and enjoy during such an isolating time.

“Some of them that are coming haven’t been in here at all this year after March. So, they are getting to do something. But also, this is going to be on the side of our building so it gives them some ownership and so I know they are going to learn a lot from Andee,” said Morton.

Ella Kate, one of the buddies who helped paint the mural, enjoys using her artistic skills.

Ella Kate said she was excited to paint and planned to paint her friends pink.

According to Michelle Nelson, Ella Kate’s mom, people with special needs have really struggled to understand the pandemic and the change in routine, but little things like this help remind them people still love them.

“Isolation is a big problem among individuals with special needs, and it’s a problem even in today’s society even when there are programs available. The understanding that they may or may not have of what is going on in the world increases that isolation,” said Nelson.

The mural was also designed partially by some of the buddies at the Buddy House.

The painting will be finished and unveiled officially Saturday afternoon.