Brownsville man fills television box with dirty diapers, cat litter to get back at porch pirates

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – After being the victim of several thefts, Tim Skees decided to teach porch pirates a lesson and filled a television box with dirty diapers, cat litter and wood before placing it outside for someone to steal.

The thieves didn’t let him down.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, more and more packages are being shipped across the nation to your front porch, waiting for a porch pirate to steal it.

Porch pirates often follow behind delivery trucks and steal packages that have just been delivered.

This can mean the loss of expensive gifts and other items.

The local UPS store is giving the public recommendations on how to best protect your valuable deliveries.

Store manager at Buckhead Square, Heavn Butler said people can become “My Choice” members at and specify if packages must be signed for, are to be delivered to one of the UPS stores, or put in a UPS locker for safe keeping until you can pick it up.

Skees, of Brownsville, took matters into his own hands.

“I think [that] is about what they deserve for stealing from people,” said Skees.

Officials encourage homeowners to install surveillance cameras, which can deter theft and help law enforcement catch potential thieves.

Another holiday tip, break down boxes your expensive gifts come in and throw them away in a large dumpster leaving the boxes outside tells thieves what they would fine upon breaking into your home.