Brownfields Redevelopment Program aims to redevelop distressed properties

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – There are many properties in Bowling Green that are hard to look at.

However, the city is halfway through the process of using one of its programs to turn those eyesores into assets.

In turn, their redevelopment will help to promote healthier neighborhoods and create job opportunities.

The Brownfields Redevelopment Program is one of many focusing on creating new investment in areas.

These are areas that may or perceive to have environmental contaminants or could be a blight on the neighborhood.

Other categories include properties that are older from industrial use, vacant gas stations, and dry cleaners.

The program aims to remove these stigmas and redevelop them into new housing, businesses, and other opportunities.

Some streets in the focus area include Main Street, Gordon Avenue, and Glen Lily Road to name a few.

This program is receiving funding from a three year deal with the Environmental Protection Agency.

It will give the city a better-looking future along with aesthetically pleasing properties.

After 18 months of looking for properties, the city currently has only two projects the program can work on.

We spoke to Brent Childers, the Neighborhood and Community Services Director.

He invites anyone with properties they want to revitalize to visit and fill out the application form.