Boys and Girls Club vegetable stand

FRANKLIN, Ky. – A local Boys and Girls Club is making a fresh impact for the children and the Franklin community.

The children sell vegetables that you wouldn’t find at your grocery store. It all started after the Boys and Girls Club visited a corn field, and brought back so much corn that they had to sell it. The vegetable stand is doing so well that they will be selling vegetables again on Thursday July 27.
The knowledge and skills the children are learning while growing and selling their vegetables is making an impact on not only Franklin, Kentucky but also other surrounding communities.
“Definitely, the kids running it. It’s not so much the people that we’re selling to. It’s for these kids so that they can learn how to sell vegetables and how to engage with the community and to know there is a reward when you work hard,” Emma Bell, nutrition and gardening coach for the Boys and Girls Club, says.
It’s not too late to enroll your child into the Boys and Girls Club but spots are filling fast.
Visit the Boys and Girls Club of Franklin’s Facebook page to learn more.