Bowling Green’s Board of Commissioners reveal new project plans and initiatives

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Bowling Green’s Board of Commissioners have big plans to keep up with the rapid growth and expansion of the city. At a retreat on Friday, the it was revealed that a new fire station on Lovers Lane will be completed around April of 2020. Also discussed was a plan to continue funding the 911 call center.

“The biggest project will be the new fire station at the Lovers Lane Soccer Complex. That’s a huge benefit for that area of town,” said Mayor Bruce Wilkerson.

With Lovers Lane developing so quickly, a fire station in that area is needed.

“Lovers Lane area is developing rapidly, so part of our efforts are to improve response times to those areas,” said Fire Chief Jason Colson at Bowling Green Fire Department.

One of the unique challenges of the project will be that the station is located at a city park.

“At the end of the day we have fire protection in that district, we’re still able to maintain an 18-hole disc golf course and we’ve improved traffic flow throughout the park,” Colson said.

Another concern the Board discussed at length is how to continue funding the city’s 911 center. Commissioner Slim Nash said the center is losing funding as more people drop their landline service.

“Traditional 911, which the majority of people use, the funding stream for that is decreasing and decreasing with the lack of usage of landline phones,” Nash said.

The land line service fee used to fund the 911 center could be moved from landlines to utility bills.

“What we’re exploring right now is a way to potentially move that service fee from say landline phone over to a utility bill,” said Nash.

Other topics discussed at the meeting include developing the downtown area, and whether to allow electric ride-share scooters to operate in Bowling Green.