Bowling Green Warren County Airport to donate aircraft to the city fire department

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Bowling Green City Commissioners will be voting on whether or not to accept the donation of an aircraft to the fire department on Tuesday.

The Bowling Green-Warren County Airport is donating an aircraft to the fire department for training.

If the donation is approved, the fire department will be able to use the plane for training purposes.

The department has never had a full plane to train with, only portions of planes from junk yards in the past, according to Rob Gilliam, an assistant fire chief for the Bowling Green Fire Department.

“We do vehicle extrication. We have agreements with the local salvage yards to where we can utilize cars that are salvaged to practice vehicle extrication and things of that nature. But we don’t have any type of salvage yard when it comes to airplanes,” said Gilliam.

The Bowling Green-Warren County Airport has had the Comp-Air Jet Airplane for a number of years and the aircraft has been decommissioned.

Once approved, the department will be able to use the aircraft to practice climbing in and out, rescues, and get used to the seatbelts in case people in a plane ever needed help.

According to the airport manager, Susan Harmon, this donation is a benefit for both the fire department and the airport.

“It’s very instrumental for the fire department to have access to the airfield to be able to do training as well as this aircraft, also to use their radios and to be familiar with where all the different parts of the airport are so that if there were to be an accident or incident or something that they needed to respond to whether it be a medical response or whether it be an accident, the time is of essence,” said Harmon.

Harmon also tells WNKY there will be a cement pad poured for the plane to be stored on the airport property in the upcoming months.