Bowling Green Superintendent speaks at Rotary Club meeting

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Bowling Green Independent Schools superintendent, Gary Fields, spoke to dozens of rotary members and guests.

“We are focusing on education for the month of January and we felt it appropriate to have leadership from the Bowling Green City Schools, also the Warren County Public Schools, Western Kentucky University, and South-Central Kentucky Community and Technical College. So, we divided it up each Wednesday and Gary just happened to be the first Wednesday of January,” said Bowling Green Rotary President, Matthew Garrett.

Bowling Green Independent Schools Superintendent, Gary Fields, spoke to a packed room inside the Holiday Inn University Plaza earlier today.

“Well I think today was important because I get the chance to speak to a local organization of men and women who are leaders of our community and first of all get to thank them for the support they give to local public education. As I said today, we have outstanding public schools in this community and that’s a credit to the local community that supports us,” said Fields.

Fields talked about ways the district is evolving including the construction at Bowling Green High School.

“We will have brand new science classrooms and labs. Our labs were definitely aging. Our Medical Arts Academy, we will have functioning hospital rooms and have an operating ambulance in the classroom for the EMT program,” Fields added.

Fields also told WNKY how he feels about the pension issue and how it affects his district.

“We feel like the legislature and the state has made a promise and they need to honor that promise. If they do have to make changes to the pension system then they need to do that in a way that doesn’t penalize people who are giving their all to kids in this community,” Fields concluded.

Warren County Public Schools Superintendent, Rob Clayton, will be next week’s guest.