Bowling Green seniors receive some of the first vaccines distributed by Walgreens

Bowling Green Seniors Receive Some Of The First Vaccines Distributed By Walgreens

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Keeping up with the COVID-19 vaccine updates in the area, a local senior living facility got the Walgreens vaccines Monday.

Residents at a senior living facility in Bowling Green received their COVID-19 vaccine Monday.

Walgreens just released their vaccines in Kentucky and Arcadia Senior Living in Bowling Green were among the first to receive the Pfizer vaccines through the pharmacy chain.

The facility vaccinated about 100 residents and staff.

One resident, Guy Geiger, has been concerned for his and his wife’s safety during the pandemic.

“Like everybody else, I’m tired of being cooped up. I look forward to whatever the new normal is for 2021. I’m sure it will, it may involve masks. It may involve social distancing at least until we get herd immunity,” said Geiger.

Geiger was vaccinated Monday morning and is looking forward to getting the booster and feeling more protected from COVID-19.

The executive director of Arcadia Senior Living in Bowling Green, Candie Gray, received her shot Monday as well.

“It’s a season of hope. It’s a season of change. It’s a new beginning for us here in assisted living. For the residents to be able to get back to being able to seeing their families and truly do everything that they enjoy. We have lots of great amenities for them here at this facility and we want to get back to what our new normal is. For them to be able to see their families. For them to be able to hug their loved ones,” said Gray.

Gray says she is ready to see the residents get back to normal again.

Other senior living facilities in the area will receive vaccinations throughout the rest of the week.