Bowling Green Police use advanced technology to reconstruct collisions

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Bowling Green Police Department is using technology and science to recreate a two-car collision that occurred at the intersection of Lovers Lane and Middle Bridge Road Wednesday.

Police will often reconstruct a collision if it has led to serious injuries or fatalities.

Using 3-D printed car models, physics and in-depth analysis police can recreate the scene of a crash.

Police Officer Wade Hughes reconstructs collisions the department investigates.

“When we get on the scene, we are looking for the approach angles, areas of impact, departure angles, gouges or scuffs in the roadway, tire marks and anything that’s going to allow us to scientifically calculate what actually happened,” Hughes said.

It’s a process that is extremely accurate in determining the cause of a wreck.

“With technology and science, it’s gotten to a very accurate process to reconstruct collisions,” he said.

One of challenges police face when trying to piece together a car wreck investigation is conflicting witness accounts.

“Many times, collisions happen so fast, and witnesses may have seen the collision from different areas or different points of view. So sometimes it can be hard to put that together, and when things happen so quickly it’s hard to see what happened sometimes,” Hughes said.

Recreating a collision has become easier over time, with the emergence of new technologies.

“The introduction of computers have made what used to take officers hours, weeks or even months by hand can often be done sometimes in hours,” said Hughes.

As technology continues to advance, the process for reconstructing car wrecks will likely continue to develop and change.