Bowling Green Natives Release New Book

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – On the evening of October 6, 2022, Bowling Green natives unveiled and signed their newest book.

Don Pierson and David Dorris, both hailing from Bowling Green have staked hundreds of hours and several months into their new book titled “The Twelve Sisters”. The book is about a woman who obtains a degree in Italian Renaissance Art, and then moves back to Italy to open an art gallery. During her time at school, she uncovers a secret, telling of a trove of highly valued
paintings that had been buried with their creator who was murdered. During her time back in Italy, the woman falls for a man who is part of Italy’s most powerful crime family at the time.

As the story develops, she tells him about the paintings, he later suspects betrayal in their relationship, and does all he can to swipe the treasure from his once lover. And even crazier still, the book apparently has three endings.

You can check out Dorris and Pierson’s latest work for yourself on Amazon.