Bowling Green mayor orders temporary removal of American flags from city properties

2:15 p.m. UPDATE: Bowling Green City Commissioner Brian Slim Nash released the following statement to WNKY:

“Today, Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson ordered that the flag of the United States be taken down at all or some city buildings. The mayor made this decision without the consultation or the input of the Bowling Green City Commission, which, I believe is improper. Only he can answer as to why he made the decision.”


2 p.m. UPDATE: The city of Bowling Green has released the following statement on its social media pages:


BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkserson told WNKY on Friday that he ordered all American flags to be temporarily removed from city-owned properties.

Wilkerson would not provide on the record details on why he made the decision, although he said the flags will once again be flown on Saturday.

As of Friday afternoon, American flags were not on display at Circus Square Park or the Bowling Green Police Department. However, American flags were still flying at Bowling Green City Hall and the Bowling Green Fire Department.

City Commissioner Sue Parrigin told WNKY she is confident the reasons Wilkerson had for removing the flags will be supported by the majority of the community.