Bowling Green Hot Rods warn fans about ticket scams

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-As baseball season is in full swing, the Bowling Green Hot Rods want to warn fans about online ticket scams.

Representatives from the Bowling Green Hot Rods have received numerous calls about ticket prices for $50 plus from third-party ticket selling sites. The team emphasizes to only purchase advance tickets from their official website, which are in the $10 range.

This happens when scammers purchase tickets for the intended price and sell photocopies of them for a much higher price on third party sites for personal profit. When searching for Hot Rods tickets in search engines like Google, these re-sale sites come up first, adding to the problem.

Hot Rods General Manager Eric Leach says one of the goals of the team is to make the baseball experience available for the whole family to enjoy.

“We really want families to come out here and enjoy things, and when we started getting calls about people paying $50 a ticket, we were like, oh my goodness, we have to get the message out there. Hot Rods is affordable family fun, and that will always be our mission,” Leach said.

Leach also says there is no guarantee that third party purchased tickets are even valid to begin with, further emphasizing to only trust the official Hot Rods website. That website can be found here.