Bowling Green honors Joe Denning

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – City hall turned into what felt like a homecoming event to honor a longstanding city servant, Joe Denning.

Denning has lived quite a life, he served in city government for 27 years and through that time he’s been bowling green’s first black mayor, first black city commissioner and served on the school board. He was also Bowling Green’s first black police officer.

Past BGPD chief Bill Waltrip said you could tell by the amount of people who showed up that Denning has touched a lot of live, and it would seem Denning leaves a lasting impression regardless of how long you’ve known him.

City commissioner Sue Parrigin told News 40 she felt like she’s known Denning all her life having been able to learn from him on the city commission, while former mayor Johnny Webb said he’s known Denning for close to 50 years.

Parrigin beseeched city leadership on having some sort of ceremony to honor Denning for having served the community so long, she said she wanted to give him his flowers while he was still able to enjoy them.

Parrigin said “this means the world to Joe Denning in his family for him to be able to come and celebrate alongside us his legacy with his family. you just need to do these things when people are alive. you really do. and so it’s just an honor to be here and to be in his presence and to celebrate him.”