Bowling Green High School first phase expansion includes science labs, performing arts classrooms

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- The construction of the new building at Bowling Green High School remains a work in progress as the construction team works to complete the first phase by 2020.

Phase one includes new science labs, medical arts, the lead academy and performing arts classrooms.

Students, even those graduating this year, are excited about the progress.

“I’m going to be excited to come back and see the new building and get to see what all they offer. I have a brother who will be here next year, so I’ll get to come back and see it throughout the years as it comes up,” said Bowling Green High School senior Bishop Long.

During the month of April, new walls have been put up for the new facility.

With all the progress being made, the time to look at phase two is coming up. The school district’s director of communications Leslie McCoy explains what phase two will include.

“Phase two will be the remainder of the classroom space for the high school, including a new auditorium and theater, as well as a common space that will have some common social stairs, which is a new thing that high schools are adding,” said McCoy.

The addition of the walls is more than just something to check off. It’s a sign that things are going well with this new facility, and the new learning experience will be available to students in the very near future.

“This is a great addition for our community, it’s going to be a wonderful space for our students, and I look forward to having the entire new high school complete,” said McCoy.