Bowling Green Hardee’s wants to make a deal

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – If you’ve driven by the Hardee’s on Russellville Rd. then you might have seen its interesting sign.

It amusingly says “will trade eggs for employees” with a kill two birds with one stone kind of idea behind it.

Renee Henderson, general manager of the Russellville Rd. Hardee’s said it was a collaborative thought she had along with her district manager, Scott Cardwell. ” Henderson said to News 40 that you “got to have fun with it” when times are a little crumby, referring to being short staffed at the restaurant.

Of course if you’ve been to the grocery store you’ll get the humor in it, with prices for cartons of eggs up significantly in recent weeks.

So if you need employment, or a chance at some eggs, the Hardee’s on Russellville Rd. has you covered.