Bowling Green Fire Department offers Christmas tree safety tips

You may have already put your Christmas tree up, or are planning on doing so in the coming days.

But before you do that, the Bowling Green Fire Department has some tips regarding tree safety so you can avoid any chance of your tree causing a house fire.

If you’re using a natural tree, make sure it’s not too dried out but if it is, put water in the base of the tree daily to keep the tree from drying out even further once you have it set up.

Then be sure to inspect the lights you plan on decorating the tree with and double check that they don’t have any frayed or exposed wiring.

If you and your family are still planning on going tree shopping, it might be in your best interest to cut one down yourself to ensure it is fresh if you do buy a tree though Marlee Boenig the spokesperson for the Bowling Green Fire Department says, "When you go to pick out that tree bend the needles, and if the needles bend but don’t break then that tree is still fresh enough that it should be okay for you to purchase."

Boenig also says to make sure your tree doesn’t block any exit and is not placed near a fireplace or space heater.