Bowling Green fights hunger

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-  Hand crafted bowls, 900 in total, will be used to help fight hunger in Bowling Green. The Empty Bowls fundraiser held its annual benefit dinner Tuesday night, and all the proceeds from the event will [provide food for the hungry.,

According to Empty Bowl’s organizers, in the Southern Kentucky region one in five adults go hungry and one in four children.

“It’s unfathomable one that there are people that are hungry, and two it’s unfathomable that with as many places as people have to go and live that we still have people that are homeless in this community. It is the reality,” said Rev. Chris Patterson, organizing chairman at Empty Bowls and pastor at Saint James United Methodist Church.

Patterson encounters people in the community who have very little or no food, and many of them are children.

“There’s one particular young man, he’s a voracious eater. It’s not that I don’t think that he’s not getting fed, but I also have a sneaking suspicion that he’s going home that night and probably what is going to be there is going to be a lot less than what the schools are giving him that day,” said Patterson.

Empty Bowls was started in 2013 by a Saint James church member who saw the need to address hunger issues in Bowling Green.

“Garry Taylor, one of the members here at Saint James came to my office one day, sometime in 2012 and said I have an idea…and his idea was remarkable,” said Patterson.

People who donate $15 will receive a hand-crafted bowl and the proceeds will go to members of the community in need.

“The first year we opened it up here with 200 bowls, and no idea if we would go home at the end of the night with 200 bowls, but in the first half hour we had completely sold out,” said Garry Taylor, organizer at Empty Bowls in Bowling Green.

Taylor said that most people who go hungry are down on their luck.

“Unfortunately for a lot of families it’s winter time. We can keep the heat, or we can go for a week with little or no food. These are people like you and me, people who’ve had a stroke of bad luck and they need a little help,” said Taylor.

All funds from Tuesday’s event will be distributed equally between the Manna Mart at Hotel Inc. and the Life Care Ministry run by the University Church of Christ.